1 Page GDPR Summary


In today’s business climate, YOUR DATA is your most valuable asset. Direct Services is a database company with decades of Database Design, Development and Marketing Experience. This unique combination of skills and knowledge makes Direct Services the perfect resource to help you maximize the value that you can extract from your data.


The core competency of Direct Services is the ability to unify disparate silos of data often found across the business units within an organization. When the data is aggregated, it can serve as a single source of truth that supports marketing, sales, customer service, business forecasting and analytics.


Successful data unification begins with the identification of all relevant data sources. Direct Services supports data from any source, in any format, and applies proven data hygiene processes to cleanse and normalize the data. Next, a custom Master IDs scheme is developed, assigned to all records, and then tested and scored for accuracy. At this point, the unified data, with the new Master ID structure, is made available to the client's systems and users.



Building a solid, Master ID is the key to an identity management that leads to achieving a true 360º view of the customer. Over the last 20 years, Direct Services has developed and perfected proprietary processes that leverage online and offline identification elements to arrive at such a source of truth.



To better meet the consumers' elevated expectations, while delivering an exceptional customer experience, organizations must understand where they are in the "purchase decision making process".  This involves connecting the history of an individuals' online and offline marketing exposure, responses and interaction, across multiple channels. To do this, it is essential to have an intelligent Master ID that can associate an individual's digital signature with all physical locations (home, office, etc), to enhance the connected consumer experience.



Direct Services is a focused, database company with decades of data hygiene, unification, aggregation and customer identification experience. This unique combination of skills and knowledge makes us the perfect partner to help you extract value from your data. Ultimately, Direct Services goal is to provide you with an effective, managed solution that is designed and tested to boost the utilization of the data across your organization.